Tribal tag has dented PF – Deputy Secretary General Atanga

The tribal tag remarks have dented the image of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF), Deputy General Secretary Bridget Atanga has disclosed.

Atanga said it was unfortunate that senior leaders in PF decided to bring out tribal issues in the press instead of tabling it within. She said the statement made by General Secretary Wynter Kabimba supported by Vice president Guy Scott had damaged the party.

The PF Deputy General Secretary said now that Kabimba was back in the country she hopes President Sata will call an urgent Central Committee meeting to table the issues which could not be discussed in the last meeting.

She also refuted reports in The Post Newspaper that President Sata refused to discuss Kabimba issue. Atanga said the President said the matter could not be discussed in the absence of Kabimba which members of the Central Committee agreed.

Kabimba recently charged that there was a strong clique of tribalists who want to hound him out of the party. Kabimba further said he had just realized that PF was more tribal than than the UPND he accused of practicing the vice.