Traitor Taima now admits and says Solwezi not fertile for PF

RICHARD Taima says people in Solwezi feel that he was dribbled by the PF leadership.
In an interview, Taima, who is former Solwezi-East member of parliament and commerce deputy minister, said the PF should work hard to win the Solwezi-East parliamentary by-election because the ground is not too fertile in the area.
The PF is fielding Peter Ilunga for the July, 25 by-election.
Taima said the PF would face resistance because the people in Solwezi-East feel that he was dribbled in the race to re-contest the seat.
“It is sad. I have learnt that they (PF) have started on a hard note in that people on the ground still seem to be reacting strongly. That was of course expected in any campaign that you can start on a hard note. But all you need is to work very hard as PF. I am very sure that as we move on, the ground will soften and we will get there,” he said. “Up to now, it still remains unclear why I did not participate in the race.