Traders panic to get rid of old kwacha notes

With a day to go before the old Zambian currency cease to be legal tender for purchase of goods and services, most traders in Lusaka have stopped accepting the old currency.

Most traders in actual fact stopped accepting the money on Wednesday June 26 to have room of phasing the old currency.

This has created panic buying consumers who are now forced to buy to get rid of the money.

A named Bakery in Lusaka was seen sending away people with the old currency telling them to bring the new notes.

This is all due to lack of information as traders and the public can still exchange the money at selected points like banks, and post offices.

A cashier told the Zambian Eye that he received strict instructions not to accept the old currency. The old Zambian currency will stop being a legal tender on June 31, 2013.

The Central Bank has however provided an avenue in which people who have the money can still go and exchange.