Tour Guide: Air Namibia linking up Africa, Europe and Beyond



There are a huge range of both social as well as economic benefits to flying but possibly the main thing that makes flying more advantageous and favorable to any other mode of transport is the amount of time it saves.

• The valuable resource – Time: Time has become one of our most treasured resources, mainly in business, however if you have a limitation on time factor while holidaying then flying should be a preferred choice of traveling to and from your destination.

• Experience all the highlights: Most of the times tourists and travelers have to suffer long and mostly dull journeys in order to experience the highlights of a place. This entire time is a complete wastage and we all are very well aware of the fact that time is money. Best is to travel by air and save the time for later entertainment and business

• Get the full picture from above: Flying allows travelers to experience place in its totality. Views from above are tremendously beautiful and unbeatable in their magnificence.

• Added Comfort: One of the best advantages of flying is comfort that it offers. It gives enough space to stretch oneself. Also it’s possible to move freely around large airplanes.

• Cost effective and cheap mode of Transport: Because of the competitive nature of aviation world, cheap flights tickets or discounted flights are on the rise. Because of these inexpensive flights at certain times of the year flying has become much cheaper than driving by a huge margin.

• Helps maintain long distance relationships: Flying is the only real option to keep in touch with those who live on the other end of the world. Imagine how painful it would have been if there was no way of seeing our loved ones in far off places!

• Trustworthy and safety mode of transport: All flights obey strict operational schedules so they are generally considered as one of the most trustworthy and reliable modes of transport in today’s world. Air transport is heavily regulated in all aspects compared to other forms of transport.

• Great economic advantages: Aviation sector generates an almost 32 million jobs annually and contributes almost 7.5% of the world’s GDP, which is a huge profit. In Namibia, Air Namibia alone is responsible for the sustenance of about 12,000 jobs (direct is 600, the rest is indirect and induced). Also, it being the fastest worldwide transport system is mandatory for global tourism and business, the key factors of economic growth.

Africa continues to showcase its ability to be an exceptional investment gem, ripe with potential. The growing intra-trade shapes and positions the continent as one of the prime destinations in the business world. Air Namibia is facilitating the realisation towards world trade by opening up new market opportunities, through the attraction of investors thereby satisfying the mobility requirements of a growing world’s population and moves products and services quickly over long distances enabling economic and social participation by outlying communities. This contributes greatly towards realisation of growth in the tourism; as we open doors to the world we assure of our readiness with faster and more convenient travel times. Today, more than ever, tourist and investors have access to our seamless flight connections.

Air Namibia has seen its product placement in the world market and it is ensuring its recognition even further; this is made a reality through the introduction of new routes, increased frequency which results to a more geographical improved route network, supported by our newer aircrafts. Adding on to this the airline has concluded commercial partnership and alliances with major carriers around Africa and beyond. This alliances/partnership will benefit our Consumers with stronger networks, seamless travel and the ability to book an international itinerary through a single network. Our six flights per week between Windhoek and Frankfurt, and the expansion of our fleet (Embraer ERJ–135) on domestic and selected regional routes, will ensure that you enjoy the most spectacular scenic splendour and abundant wildlife our country has to offer such as the Namib Desert which is host to some of the world’s highest dunes, some of them flanking splendid lagoons, wetlands and mudflats, offering an ideal place for birdwatchers and thrill seekers. The vast mountain ranges in the Namib-Naukluft Park sustain diverse desert creatures and plants you are yet to discover. The endless variety of magnificent landscapes, which will never fail to take your breath away, are yet one more reason for you to see more of Namibia.

For those, seeking the adventures and treasures of Africa you should be pleased that your carrier of choice has onward flight to Lagos on board our partners, Air Nigeria. This link opens up Southern to West Africa, for business, trade and investment, as well as leisure travel for all.

As your travel companion, we never fail to reward our Reward$ (Frequent Flyer Programme) Clients. If you’re not on board we invite you to register today for a special extension to an exclusive range of benefits, such as getting double mileage to all Air Namibia operated routes as from 16 November to 31 December 2011, free tickets, upgradable classes, and free excess baggage. We promise to give you an unforgettable experience.