Top Cop in Maize Bribery Scandal of K850 Million

The C5 officer, formerly known as the anti-robbery squad, in charge at Lusaka Central Police only identified as Sulwe has been implicated in a bribery scandal involving stolen maize worth K850 million belonging to APG Milling.

According to sources, APG Milling had bought maize from Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in Lusaka but delayed to pick it up from the shed.

Unknown to APG Milling, their 700 metric tonnes of maize worth K850 million was collected by trucking company named Amicor Trucks.

The source said the people that loaded the maize allegedly connived with a female employee from FRA and cleared the consignment to create an impression that there was no malpractice.

When the owner of APG Milling, also identified as George got wind of the stolen maize, he reported the matter to the police and Sulwe personally decided to investigate the theft. After the police report, the FRA employee was arrested, detained and charged.

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