Top 10 Richest Football Clubs Based on Trophies Won

Are you an avid fan of football? If yes, and you are wondering who the richest clubs are after having factored in the number of trophies won, then you are in luck. In this list, you’ll get to know the 10 wealthiest football clubs, ranked by the trophies the members were able to take home for their team.

10. Man City with 9 Major Trophies

Man City secures 10th place in this list of the wealthiest football clubs after taking into consideration the number of trophies won. The club, boasting of nine major trophies, is also ranked as the 9th most valuable team in the Forbes’ list of the richest in football. Man City is valued by Forbes at about $689 million.

9. Chelsea with 15 Major Trophies


Chelsea’s rise not only as a major financial power but also as a football club over the last ten years has been significant, with the team now being valued at about $901 million. This value is enough to make the club rank 7th in the Forbes’ football’s richest list, but since the trophies won are ten less than Arsenal, they land in the 9th spot on this list. Nine of the major trophies that the team has won in its 108 years in the industry have been achieved under Roman Abramovich’s ownership. All in all, Chelsea has won a total of 15 major trophies.

8. Arsenal with 25 Major Trophies


Arsenal, with 25 major trophies under its belt, is valued at $1.33 billion. This places them 4th on the Forbes’ list, but in terms of value and trophies, the team is below a notch of Liverpool here. Thirteen titles and two European trophies are some of the major accomplishments of the club. The lack of winnings of Arsenal in the past few seasons have raised concerns in fans, but hopefully, the members will get back on track and win a few silverware this summer.

7. Liverpool with 33 Major Trophies

Placing 10th on Forbes’ list and 7th on this one is Liverpool. However, if you actually take into consideration the historical success of the club, you will immediately realize that it outstrips the team’s value, which is estimated to be around $651 million. Out of the 33 major trophies that the team has received, 18 of these were titles, eight were major European trophies, and seven were FA Cups. Liverpool was not able to pick up silverware over the past few seasons. Fans are hoping that they’ll be able to win a few trophies in the years to come.

6. AC Milan with 36 Major Trophies

AC Milan has been ranked by Forbes as the most valuable club in Italy. Overall, the team secured 6th place in the Forbes’ list of football’s richest. The team has been awarded with 36 major trophies, which include seven European Cups and two Winners Cups. The last success of the team was in the form of the 2011 Series A victory, which is also the club’s 18th title. AC Milan is valued at $945 million.

5. Manchester United with 37 Major Trophies

Fifth on this list, but second on the one by Forbes, is Manchester United. This club is considered to be the most valuable in the Premier League, with a current valuation of $3.17 billion. However, in terms of success, after having only won a total of 37 major trophies, the team ranks below Juventus (46 major trophies won). During the era of the Premier League, Manchester United was the most successful club from England, as the team won 13 out of the 21 league titles available that time. The success was mainly attributed to the presence of Sir Alex Ferguson, the man responsible for obtaining 23 (out of the 37) major trophies on the list.

4. Juventus with 46 Major Trophies


Juventus, while only placing 8th in the Forbes’ list, deserves fourth here, with 46 major trophies under the team’s belt. This team is considered to be the greatest climbers when comparing between the silverware won and the members’ estimated value: 29 Series A Titles, nine Italian Cups, two World Club Cups, and All major European trophies have been won by the team. Juventus is valued at $694 million.

3. Bayern Munich with 48 Major Trophies


Fifth on the Forbes football’s wealthiest list, but third here when you take into consideration the major trophies won is Bayern Munich. This team has long since been the German football force, being in existence for 40 years and counting. The Bundesliga’s growing strength guarantees that the Bavarians are going to translate this into more money. Last season’s success adds to the ever expanding list of accomplishments, which now includes five trophies in the form of European Cups. The team now has a total of 48 major trophies. Bayern Munich is currently valued at an estimated amount of $1.31 billion, which a lot of people expect to increase soon.

2. Barcelona with 61 Major Trophies


Barcelona, having won a total of 61 major trophies, is ranked second in this list. Thirteen of these trophies were won in less than 10 years. Twenty-six Spanish Cups, 22 Titles, 11 major European trophies, and three Global Titles are what the team has been able to bring home. Thanks to the hard work and team effort of Barcelona, its estimated value is at $2.6 billion.

1. Real Madrid with 64 Major Trophies


The number one spot on this list of the top 10 wealthiest football clubs goes to none other than Real Madrid. There is no denying the fact that they are worthy of the highest rank, due to the number of trophies they have won (64 major trophies) and their value. This team is proof that wealth indeed brings silverware. Out of the 64 trophies that the team brought home, 32 of these were Spanish titles, 18 were Spanish Cups, nine were European Cups, three were Intercontinental Cups, and two were UEFE Cups. In terms of value, Real Madrid is estimated to be worth $3.3 billion.