Too late for Evelyn Mwanawasa to back-out

Vice President Guy Scott has explained that a candidate cannot withdraw after filing-in of nominations.

Responding to queries over Evelyn Mwanawasa’s withdraw as candidate for MMD candidate in Kafulafuta forthcoming by-election during Vice president question time in Parliament on Friday, Scott  said there was no provision in the Electoral Act for one to back-up after filing in.

The Vice president said even if one withdraws the name will still be on the ballot during the elections. He said unless one dies thats when an election can be canceled.

The MMD is alleging that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) could be responsible for its candidate pulling out of the fourth coming Kafulafuta parliamentary by election on the Copperbelt Province.

Communications Director in the Office of the MMD President, Muhabi Lungu said the PF could have used underhand methods in seeing it’s candidate, Ms Mwanawasa pull out of the race. Lungu said the manner in which all things happened is suspicious and believes the PF played a big role.

Lungu said this in an interview on Friday July 5 in reaction to the decision by the Mwanawasa family to withdraw Evelyn from the race after what they say is raise in Blood Pressure.

The decision to withdraw will now mean people voting for her though she will not campaign as the nominations were already done .Under the electoral laws, one is eligible to contest after filling in of nomination and only a death of an aspiring candidate can see the postponement of the election to allow
other party find another candidate.

The family on Wednesday withdraw Evelyn from the by election on health grounds but the party were still insisting that she will go ahead ant contest the polls