Tired Scott fails to read Sata’ speech at Kuomboka, dog thrown in canal

Ceremonial Vice president Guy Scott last night failed to read a speech on behalf of his boss Michael Sata and like his boss abruptly ended the Kuomboka ceremonies saying he was too tired to continue with proceedings which took close to ten hoours from the time Litunga Lubosi Imwiko boarded the Nalikwanda in Lealui.

And in a dramatic development some Lozis opposed to the Litunga’s selfish and poor style pushed a dog at the receiving end of the canal just some few minutes before the the royal convoy arrived, while reliable sources from Lealui palace have told the Zambian Watchdog that some of the usual traditional drummers and paddlers of the Nalikwanda refused to perform their duties forcing the Litunga and his organising committee to pay for some paddlers and asking late Litunga IlLute Yeta’s two children to play the drums on the royal badge.