Tips on how to give the first great Impression on a Job Interview

By Val Shaw

Here’s how you can score any type of job using the some of these first impression tips. You can only make the first impression once, there is no second chance unless you have a bucket to throw the million numbers of people waiting or eying for the same job you are interviewing for. The following steps/Tips are a great help.

interview tips dressing 1.    Dress for the job.

By this I mean you will have to dress formally, no matter what kind of job you are interviewing for. It’s essential to wear black and white shirt. Black Suit for a man with a tie and women black skirt and white blouse. Or switch the black to Navy blue or grey though Black is the best of all.

Clean nails are recommended for both men and women less or minimal make up and Jewelry. It shows the interviewer you are seriously aware that you are after job and not to hang out.

2.    Show up on Time

Every job you are interviewing for should be handled like you dream job, after all it is true your dream is to get a job. No matter what, show up on time.

If you are running late, call an hour before or as soon as possible to let interviewers know. Time is money.  They will definitely appreciate it much more than you appearing late after keeping them waiting for 30 minutes.

3.    Bring essentials

A pen and a paper are always essential. You need them; this gives an impression that you are detailed and really focused.  You also need them in case the interviewers name is hard remember or may mention something that you didn’t know about the company and jolting things down only shows that the job matters to you.

Carrying a cup of tea or coffee and chewing a gum remember is not essential. Do not even think about that.

4.    Be Nice To the Receptionist

The receptionist is the first person you see and her impression on you really matters.

She may not be the hiring manager, but most companies ask the front desk for specifics about your walk into the door and your attitude in asking where the interview office is or just any expression they might think of.

It’s important to treat the front desk attendants with respect just like you would to the interviewer. Their views matter on the hiring decision.

interview tips smile5.    Smile

A smile is a great personality trait; it gives the interviewer and impression that you are a comfortable with the surrounding and is an outgoing individual.

Ten seconds: that’s right; ten seconds might be all you have to make a great first impression. So you need to feel at ease with yourself and the only way is to put a smile on your face and show off those white teeth.:-)

interview tips handshake6.    Handshake

An introductory handshake is a special great first impression in a sense that you are making the first move will just give pride to the interviewer that you are not afraid. With just that small gesture, you are conveying that you are excited to be there, confident, ready to jump into the interview and self assured.

Thus in the long run also making a connection, it is just a commonality that will get your foot in the door and start your interview peace mindedly.

You follow these few tips; you will get the job…All the Best.