Thugs mobilized to cause violence in Kapiri Mposhi by-election

With two days before the people of Lukulu West and Kapiri Mposhi go to the polls in the generally most peaceful elections since PF took over power from MMD, there are reports of impending blood crash being strategized in order to force for a deferment of the poll.

Royd Moonga reports from Kapiri Mposhi that after sensing that the Opposition UPND is tipped to win the by-election, the ruling PF are allegedly strategizing on how they can force for the deferment of the voting day in the constituency by turning a peaceful election into a bloodbath.

By press time (Sunday night), Moonga says a PF source had confirmed that hundreds of hired thugs by Patriotic Front were waiting to be ferried in the night to Kapiri Mposhi for bloodletting if possible sacrifice one (1) by causing death, a move that will compel Electoral Commission of Zambia to postponed the election just like in Livingstone.

PF has been trying several tactics to test its hatched rigging formula but alert Opposition team has bolted their plans.

Former Anti Voter Apathy Project Director Bonny Tembo has since joined the ruling PF was seen in a meeting in a classroom at Lukanda Basic School with several PF Officials. Later a white ECZ Landcruiser Pickup vehicle Registration number ALB 2153 arrived at the School and an ECZ official disembarked and walked into the same room where PF Officials are converged.

Its however, not clear what the ECZ Officer is doing among Party officials when the normal trend of ECZ is to call all stake holders for briefings and orientations.

“We are shocked at the conduct of ECZ holding a private meeting only with members of one Political Party, what is it that they are planning to do that we as UPND can’t wish to know ? ” said Mrs. Kamanga a Copperbelt Women Chairperson.

Meanwhile, UPND Kapiri By-election Campaign Manager Austin Milambo has expressed concern over the unproffensional conduct of the Electral Commission in Kapiri after officers failed to secure election materials leaving the room unlocked the whole night.

“We are deeply concerned on the manner ECZ is managing this election in Kapiri. We have formally written to the ECZ and District Conflict Management Team raising various electoral and unprofessional concerns,” said Milambo who is UPND’s Mwembeshi Member of Parliament.

People of Lukulu and Kapiri Mposhi will be going to the polls on 23th April, following the High Court decision to nullify the elections of Misheck Mutelo and Lawrence Zimba respectively who are re-contesting their seats on the opposition UPND ticket after they both resigned from the former ruling Party – MMD.