Three Months after Chibombo Accident: Victim Still Hospitalised

One of the victims of February Chibombo accident in which more than 50 people died is undergoing a skin graft at the University Teaching Hospital.

Mercy Chiputa has been admitted to the University Teaching Hospital-UTH- from the time the accident happened on February 7th 2013.

She sustained a broken left shoulder and serious injuries from the right leg where the skin graft will be done.

Skin grafting is a type of graft surgery involving the transplantation of skin

In February more than 50 people died in the accident in Chibombo district when a Lusaka bound 70 seater-Posts Bus from Ndola collided head-on with a Truck.

And on Tuesday 18 people died in another road traffic accident in the same district.

Fourteen of the dead were on Saturday put to rest in a mass burial in Kabwe, Central Province.