They won’t succeed, I have been Sata’s disciple for 30 years, served him honestly – Kabimba

File: President Sata with Kabimba at State House

File: President Sata with Kabimba at State House

Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says trust and same values bind his relationship with President Michael Sata.

Mr Kabimba stated that he had been President Sata’s disciple for the past 30 years and he served him honestly during the same period.

“I have been Michael Sata’s disciple for the past 30 years. We trust each other, as I served him honestly and he probably shaped the good part of my character,” he said.

Mr Kabimba who is also Justice Minister said this today when he addressed PF members at Courtyard hotel in Livingstone.

His sentiments comes in the wake of some party members accusing him of being arrogant, disloyal to the party and President Sata by harbouring presidential ambitions ahead of the 2016 general elections.

But, Mr Kabimba accused those allegedly trying to hound him out of the party of being men and women with evil intentions.

“I am innocent and those trying to hound me out of the party will never succeed because they are on the wrong side of the argument with God and am on the right side,” he said.

He pledged to continue standing for the truth even if it meant losing his life.

“The truth does exist and it is objective. At no time in history have lies defeated the truth because the truth belongs to God and I have always stood for the truth…I will never change on that even if it means losing my life,” he said.

Mr. Kabimba said it was sad for him to be labelled as ‘enemy number one’ of the party when he worked so hard in building it.

He charged that his focus in the party was not on leadership positions but service delivery to the people of Zambia.

“I have seen death, poverty and despondency in various parts of the country, so my focus is on how to address these challenges and not party positions,” he said.

Mr Kabimba reiterated that there was nothing special about him as any member of the party could serve in his position as Secretary General.

Earlier, PF Southern province Chairman Daniel Munkombwe called for peace and unity in the party.

Mr Munkombwe who is also Southern province minister said all party members were useful but cautioned them to guard against being used to de-campaign other party members.

“All PF members are useful but desist from being used to de-campaign other party members as we are all here to serve the party and not individuals within the party,” he said.

The meeting was also attended by Livingstone area Member of Parliament Lawrence Evans, Provincial Political Secretary Leonard Siachonga and other party officials. / ZANIS