The use of condom is worries Simbao

isU.S. Agency for International Development, USAID Deputy Mission Director Ryan Washburn said that prevention of HIV from mother to child is not the responsibility of women.

During the launch of the campaign “Safe Love in Kapiri, Washburn explained that men should participate more in decisions on family health.

“Mother-child transmission is the most children under fifteen years of age infected with HIV. Even if pregnant women know their HIV status, they often do not use the services to prevent transmission of HIV to the baby. This is sad because if they take the necessary treatment, the chances of transmitting HIV to their babies less than six percent. It is for pregnant women to know their HIV status and if positive, treatment before going for the baby ” said Washburn. is

“The messages of the campaign to secure love encourage pregnant women to take steps to prevent transmission of HIV to their babies. Love will secure much-needed support for mothers striving to ensure the future of their children healthy. Prevention of mother to child transmission is not the responsibility of women. The campaign of love Safe men to participate more in decisions on family health. Men need to encourage pregnant women to seek services to prevent transmission to overcome the stigma of HIV and reduce the number of new HIV infections in children in Zambia. ”

And Health Minister Kapembwa Simbao said low condom use among Zambians is worrying.

“We must change our behavior if we are to defeat HIV in Zambia. The low condom use is also worrying as this is leading to new infections. You can call upon the people of Zambia not be ashamed to use a condom if you are unsure of the state of the couple, “Simbao said in a speech read for him in the Central Province Minister Ackimson Banda.

“My administration remains committed to ensuring that we provide health services in the country. The government is now providing free antiretroviral drugs. I encourage Zambia to get tested and know their status today as the services are available for free “.

Simbao promised prudent management of government financial resources.