“The Sata we knew during campaigns is not the one in State House”

A caller on a Lusaka based Radio station has said President Michael Sata has completely changed from a man who stands for the poor while in the opposition.

Roy who was contributing on a Talk Show programme on Hot FM Radio May 9, 2013 morning said he was angry and disappointed with the way President Sata and PF were governing the country.

“The Sata we knew during the campaign is not the Sata at State House,” Roy said. “We are very disappointed, I voted for PF and I even had my car screen damaged during celebrations. Come 2016 there are going, it is very annoying.”

He said President Sata is doing the opposite of what he promised to do when he campaigned for elections in 2011. Roy condemned the hike in fuel prices and wondered why government was against the transporters from hiking fares.

He appealed to the opposition to unit ahead the polls.

Last week Catholic Priest Fr Frank Bwalya who heavily campaigned for Sata and his PF told the nation that the Michael Sata they know died along time saying the one in State House is different.