The quality of CBU Post Graduate Lecturers

Dear Editor,

Allow us space to air our disgust at the quality of lecturers we are being subjected to at the Copperbelt University.Those in Academia will agree with me that worldwide, the rating of universities is also determined by the quality and qualifications of staff, i.e., how many professors, senior lecturers the university has.

Teaching at Postgraduate level requires well qualified and experienced lecturers; therefore, you do not just pick any Jim and Jack simply because the minimum qualification to lecturer at a university is a master’s degree.

We had a situation where we were subjected to this guy who had just been retrenched from KCM, teaching us Human Resource Planning.  With no experience, lecturer 3(III) could not solve simple calculations in the course but would copy and paste other people’s questions which he never taught and then enjoy failing students.

At one time, people complained but management vehemently denied such allegations in the press; but these are true.  We need independent people to go to CBU and verify what we are talking about.  We appreciate that CBU wants to expand and be responsive to the demands of the corporate world but this should not be at the expense of producing quality students.

Yes they make a lot of money from all the programs they have introduced but they should spare us the mediocrity from these raw guys they are employing.

We have a few senior guys who are good, such as the Coordinator of Graduate Studies, the Dean, and the Dean of Business School.  Please spare us the pain and anguish. Bring back the expert in the course HRM Planning.

The other suggestion is that the examinations be subjected to verification by external examiners to maintain quality otherwise we are doomed with such type of lecturers. What type of graduates do you expect from such raw and untamed lecturers? This is without prejudice, something has to be done.

Concerned Citizen