The Ps4 is here…

 By Val Shaw

The great one is here Ps4, the successor to the Ps3 even though others are saying it’s not the successor but an addition to the Sony family.

Well, that’s another language of PS  gamer’s  by itself. Thirsty gamer’s  are lined up at game stores , such as Best Buy, since Thursday morning waiting, to gain ownership to a console said to be more powerful than Microsoft Xbox one, which is yet to be released.

game consoleThe Play Station Game Console

As for you out there who maybe interested in which games to buy …here are the games that are trending as of now
  1. Kill Zone
  2. NBA 2K14
  3. Destiny
  4. Driver Club
  5. Elder Scrolls
  6. Assassin’s Creed IV
In-case you are no where near USA and you wondering when it will hit stores near by  or just for curiosity’s sake, below is a list of Countries and their release dates:

November 15: -Canada and United States:
November 29 :- Countries of South East Europe e.g Australia, United Kingdom, Italy German Norway etc
December 13:- United Arab Emirates and South Africa
December 17 :-Hong Kong
December 18:- Taiwan
December 19:- Singapore
February no specified date :- Japan

PS4 long waitPlay Station Game Console

For those of you that will get a hand on it , whether stood up in the line for it or maybe pre-ordered it.

Have fun and am sure other’s aren’t in a rush, the long awaited game is out now and here to stay so you might just want to wait till the pressure cools off.

I say to you all…a game is just  a game but who knows why people love games , maybe there’s a secret and that am sure i will never know.

Let it stay as a secret and we have to wait and see what Xbox one which is said to be released a week after PS4 will deliver.