The Post story accusing HH of offering Kr4, 000 to feature on Radio was fabricated and hijacked – Radio Macha

Statement: Denying the story which was carried by The Post Newspaper dated Monday 27th May 2013

From the above statement we are deeply disappointed with the story that was carried by our colleagues (The Post Newspaper ) dated 27th May 2013 where our Radio station was reported having refused to host the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

The story is not only fabricated but it was also hijacked ,the opposition leader never said he wanted to pay Kr 4000 to our staff so that he is allowed to go on air but only wanted airtime charges for his interview with us and also Mr Hichilema never said that he wanted to talk about the removal of fuel and Maize subsidies ,we find it very unprofessional for the post journalists/ editors to allow such a story which was incomplete to run in their tabloid. We say its incomplete in the sense that the story was one sided where they needed a view of HH or any member of the entourage.

Our point with the UPND leader still stands like we agreed, he is welcome to our studios provided we are notified in time. On Saturday 25th May 2013 we couldn’t interview him due to some program mes that are sponsored by clients who come as far as Lusaka and Livingstone hence the time HH visited our station it was not going to be possible for us to sideline the scheduled program mes without notifying our clients,therefore we requested the opposition leader to bear with us.

We are not pushed or forced to write this statement but it is coming from what we stand for over the story. Radio Macha has been sharing news stories with some media houses in southern ,Lusaka and central provinces but at no time did we found our story is negatively reported like what the post did on Monday 27th May 2013.

Being a media house aiming to inform the public ,no amount of intimidation will push us to favor any political party ,NGO ,CSO or Church grouping, therefore we shall stand to report a story the way it happened and expect our colleagues in the media to consult where they are not clear.

Otherwise Mr Hichilema is cordially invited to feature on our radio station any time he feels like.


(News Dept )