The MMD is the worst Political Party, Sondashi

Veteran Politician Ludwig

Veteran Politician Ludwig Sondashi

The MMD is the worst political party to have ever existed while Rupiah is the worst President to have ever led Zambia Veteran Politician Ludwig Sondashi has said.

He said this  when he featured on Lusaka’s privately owned  TV Station, CBC Television’s special programme today January 22, 2013,where he announced the re-launch of his Political Party  the FDA which he said will be officially launched tomorrow.

Sondashi said he had warned the people in the MMD that the party was going nowhere when he left and added that he was happy that what he had told them had come to pass.

He said currently there was no Political Party called MMD to talk about as its leaders had compromised its standards by letting non members take over its leadership.

‘’The MMD is a finished party, I warned those people when I was leaving that the party would not be in existence for a long time and now my words have come to pass’’ ,

‘’I have currently reached a level of a consultant and there is need for people to take me seriously because I have a lot of experience with most of these things’’, Sondashi said.

He said former President Rupiah Banda had never been a good leader even under First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda but that he was just given the Job because of his good standing with the first President

Meanwhile Sondashi has charged that the PF Government is no better than the MMD because they have equally failed to deliver good services to the Zambian people.

He said Lack of Planning and coordination by the Patriotic Front [PF] Government has landed the country in serious problems.

Sondashi said the PF had made a lot of mistakes which were going to have a great cost on the country.

‘’The PF Government is a disaster because the most of the President’s appointees are either his relatives or his tribesmen.

Dr Sondashi will on Wednesday January 22, 2013 Re-launch his Political party the Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) which has been inactive in the recent past.