The formation of the Parallel MMD structure by Kachingwe is laughable, Kaingu

MMD Parallel faction leader Major Richard Kachinwe

MMD Parallel faction leader Major Richard Kachinwe

The formation of a parallel party structure by expelled National Secretary Major Richard Kachingwe is a laughable matter Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) vice president for Political Affairs Michael Kaingu has said.

Kachingwe yesterday announced the formulation of a parallel party structure aimed at removing party president Nevers Mumba from the party.

Kaingu has advised Major Kachingwe to just state that he has formed a separate political party instead of hiding in the name of MMD.

Kaingu said it was also a relief that Major Kachingwe had moved out of the party because the party would now operate smoothly without any interference.

He however stated that the party would not allow Kachingwe to use the name of the party.

Meanwhile the MMD Die Hard Youths has called for the immediate arrest of Kachingwe and the MMD Chairperson for Women’s Affairs Catherine Namugala for Impersonating the party.

Chairperson for the Youth Wing Bowman Lusambo said it was illegal for the two to form the parallel wing.