Thatcher’s death a tragedy, says Chona

MARK Chona says southern Africa owes former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher a lot.

Chona, who was Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s political advisor at the time Baroness Thatcher had meetings with Zambian delegations in the 70s, said a lot of people would have died in Zimbabwe had she not been resolute in her character.

Chona, who remembers meeting Baroness Thatcher in 1976 in Geneva and in 1979 in Lusaka, said her death yesterday following a stroke was a tragedy.

“She was such a great person. She was tough on the other side if you were an adversary but if she understood you, then she was an ally,” he said.

Chona said he remembers making an appointment to see her in Geneva over elections in Zimbabwe.

“I met her with her shadow foreign secretary, who died later on. She said, ‘Mr Chona, if you produce a good agreement, the Conservatives oppose it, we will support it.’ I felt very comfortable,” he said.