Teen Who Went into a Coma After Breast Implants Is Unable to Talk or Move

imageLinda Perez was just 18 years old when her life changed completely. She underwent plastic surgery to have bre@st implants in August of 2013 and subsequently fell into a coma after complications from the surgery. She is now awake but cannot walk, can only speak a few words, and cannot do anything for herself now. She is a mere skeleton but is off of her feeding tube which has given her mother hope that she will be able to make a good recovery. Perez has periods where she is depressed because she knows what has happened to her.

imageimageJust an hour after her surgery Perez suffered brain damage. The doctor who has a squeaky clean record as a plastic surgeon has ordered her past medical history to be gone over. He feels that she purposely left out information from him in order to avoid being denied the plastic surgery. When she gave birth to her son at the age of 15 she had complications from the anesthesia that was given. If this information had been given to the plastic surgeon he would have either denied her the surgery in the first place or would have gone a completely different route with her anesthetics.

The parents of Perez have petitioned to become the legal guardians of Perez and her now 4 year old son. They are also planning to file a lawsuit against the doctor that did her surgery. It is still unclear as to what exactly happened that caused the brain damage. The surgery was performed at the Coral Gables Cosmetic Center and was done for $2,800 which is roughly half of what the normal cost would be. The parents were told that her heart had stopped during the operation and that she was clinically dead when they transported her to the hospital. The investigation is still ongoing and Perez will have a long road ahead of her.

source: Dailymail. UK