Taxi driver kills ‘saviour’

AN attempt by a Ndola resident to effect a citizen’s arrest on a taxi driver who knocked down a pedestrian ended tragically as he ended up being killed by the same taxi.
The incident happened on Saturday around 09.00hrs in Chifubu Township when Anthony Malimba, 25, a transport officer with Equator Imports  and Exports died as he tried to wrestle the car keys from  the taxi driver.
The skidding car threw Mr Malimba into a drainage and landed on him.
After hitting the pedestrian, the driver fled in his taxi but alert residents pursued him into a centre road that led him to a dead end.
An eye witness, Cletus Chanda, who is a consultant at Equator Imports and Exports said Mr Malimba was rushed  to Ndola Central Hospital (NCH) where he was pronounced dead on arrival.