Talking Politics:PF will wreck Zambia

LwanziThey are good at expenditure and poor on monitoring generation of income

By Lwanzi Milimo

Our generation is a very embarrassing and a pathetic one. It seems we no longer have people who love their country Zambia and ready to sacrifice for the good of everyone and not self. wreck Zambia

Do we need to remind these office bearers that they are at service to the people first before their own interest. Our fathers were sacrificing their animals and everything they had of value in order to get this independence. I remember my father telling us how they sacrificed their cattle to contribute towards independence expenses.

In all fairness the development at Zambia Railways Limited – ZRL and the revelation there means a lot to all Zambians and it definitely comes as an eye opener to all of us.

A biggest test equally to the leadership of the country, its just that PF have no shame or regret in all they do because that is one of the characteristics of a dictatorial regime.

First the board was selected politically, and Prof Clive Chirwa as Chief Executive Officer was appointed on politically expedience too. Now PF and President Michael Sata are confused, not sure with whom to please. Before they come up with a meaningful solution every one knows and believes both Chirwa and the board are not a solution to the revitalization of ZRL.

It is evident in the case of Prof Clive Chirwa that he feels that he is only answerable to the appointing authority who in this case is not the Board but the Republican President. And the board feels It possess power to control and need respected.

As I said this is surely an eye opening case, and I propose all boards and directors in all parastatal should be scrutinized. Who else is abusing tax payers money, when the majority of Zambians are surviving on less than a dollar per day.

$120million Eurobond, which is earmarked for ZRL, stands at a risk if the accusations either way are proved right. This is because the $120million is not a grant but a loan which will undoubtedly be recovered from tax payers. This saga has also revealed how extravagant PF is and

I’m worried Zambia shall be left a highly indebted poor country once more, there are many Zambians educated in business fraternity who can do a better job at less than what Prof. Chirwa’s salary of KR248 000 per month in a country where others live on approximately one dollar per day.

We Zambians are pathetically docile because another man by the name of Judge Chikopa of Malawi is milking Zambian coffer for nothing living in an expensive apartment and blind followers still think we are being properly ruled. PF has lamentably failed to govern, no wonder leader of the opposition UPND, Hakainde Hichilema described the leadership as that of ‘chibwe no plan.’

By the time PF and Sata leaves office Zambia will be highly indebted poor country, remember these are the same failures who have land this country in that economic situation. Very good at expenditure and poor on monitoring generation of income.