Talking Politics: Zambia’s Worst Governance Record

Lwanzi MilimoBy Lwanzi Milimo

There is no worse experience for a journalist than to be held up in prison for many days on trumped up charges. There is no worse experience for a citizen than to be denied your rights and freedoms in your own land.

There is no worse experience for opposition leaders than to be arrested on trumped up charges and denied opportunity to exercise their democratic rights to assemble.

Its unfortunate today that Zambia once a model of African democracy can be reduced to the worst dictatorship in the continent.

The PF government is heading for a sad ending and it will be a dark day indeed for one Michael Chilufya Sata.

I’m consoled when I think about the fact that when times are hard the silent majority will be heard unfortunately they will not only be heard but also their actions may have devastating impact! A revolution is coming in Zambia and I can see it coming faster than i expected.

Zambians were deceived during the run up to the 2011 elections and are now experiencing unprecedented dictatorial leadership.

They are lamenting the debasing effect of beguiling speeches they heard from the man who misled the nation, reinforcing division, wrapped up in its own performance.

I even wonder where the so called Kaundas are! Is it true that Zambians fought independence battles? Is It true that Kaunda and his comrades led the independence struggle or the whites just handed it over to the Zambians on a silver platter?

Why on earth are all these quiet, what do they want to see before they speak out on this inept leadership?

Zambia will soon experience true liberation. I can’t believe that the specter of Idi Amin is still manifest before our very eyes.

President Sata should release the journalist and stop persecuting others. I know your impudence and arrogance but for once if there is little conscience left in you Sir, please show leadership that the Zambians voted for.

Listen to the cries of masses on the issue of governance, don’t perceive everyone who is not with you as your enemy who has nothing to offer to you. Truth of the matter is that your true enemies might be within PF.

You have more to fear from within your esoteric circles than the outside. Right now you are serving the interests of your enemies and not the people that voted for you.

Because of not heeding sound counsel, endless by-elections, trumped up charges on opposition as well as the arresting of journalists, Zambians now know how inept the leadership is in the country. If you don’t take heed Zambians may agitate for change earlier than expected.

Finally, Zambia is for Zambians and not only for old tired horses. Lets not give our country so easily to individuals lacking compassion.

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