Talking Politics: What manner of Hate is in President Sata?

LwanziBy Lwanzi Milimo

If President Michael Sata and the PF government deserves to be remembered for anything at all, it will be for the systematic stamping out of freedoms that have been enjoyed in this country for decades.

It seems to become a trend in Zambia under the Sata regime that one can no longer give his or her thought on the affairs of the country before you are arrested.

It came as shock when I read that two noble journalist were arrested and kept in dumpy jail cell because they were suspected of running an online media. I concluded Zambia is now full throttle under dictatorship. Its only in a dictatorial regime were citizen live under threat and fear of uncertainty.

J F Kennedy that most remembered US president once said communism is inseparable with dictatorship and if there still many out there that doubt this fact come and take a closer look at the PF regime in Zambia. PF and Sata must know that “when one person is in bondage, there are many that are bondage. How many Zambians now that fear to share their thought on the government of Sata. This is sickening, I thought this man will only persecute the opposition leaders.

It look like everyday PF and Sata come up with new ideas of suppressing the freedoms of the Zambians. How unfortunately that Mr Sata is taking a copy and paste of Zimbabwean Mugabe style of governance. At closer look of Mugabe its hard to beat the call for clean leadership in Comrade Robert Mugabe, where millions of people are starving, hundreds die weekly of AIDS and life expectancy has fallen to 35 years.

Thanks to Jacob Zuma and South African government that has allowed Zimbabwean to cross into South Africa with any form of document for survival. Yet all these people can hardly express or say something about this old dictator. This is where Zambia is heading to.

There is too much hating and disappointment in the country today, such that if the old president had wisdom would call for dialogue with other political players . But you see when one is a liar and corrupt he is mostly devoid of wisdom and would never think of such uniting measures.

Take for instance a noble advise that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema gave to Sata on continued unconstitutional occupation of Justice Lombe Chibesakunda, its shocking that a president can give such a response. The president’s response is a clear indicator that he (Sata) is not concerned with unity and doesn’t respect anybody in the country who doesn’t dance to his deceitful music. The man is an instigator of hatred and division in the country.

I’m wondering what roles people like Kenneth Kaunda (First President) and Grey Zulu (Surviving Member of the First Cabinet) play in this country if they can be silent on when the country is being divided. Our elders, you have let us down the young generation. Soon many children will not know the true One Zambia spirit if your mouths tight closed once satisfied with crabs falling from Sata’s table.

You can do better than this, for once think and observe if the majority Zambian are happy. Your continued silence one day will provoke disorder and unrest from those who believe you should have provided PF and Sata guidance.

To the journalist that were arrested never give up, million Zambians will soon know you were heroes. To the common man with prayerful heart fight for freedom. Know too well that freedoms are not given freely by the oppressor. One day the lord God of heaven will look upto your grievances.

Join me next week God bless this beautiful country.

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