Talking Politics: Well done, Opposition has been vindicated

Lwanzi Milimo

Lwanzi Milimo

By Lwanzi Milimo

My mind is taken back to the time when First president Kenneth Kaunda and his son Panji were mediators for PF and UPND pact, they had succeeded and the pact was formed to strengthen the opposition in order to remove then the ruling MMD from government.

Lo and behold it was not too long before UPND leadership left the Pact, with reasons which most of gullible Zambians did not want to listen to because they were desperate for a new government. The UPND left the pact because PF leadership did not want to discuss on how they will run the country, they did not want to formulate a strategic plan on how to develop the country.

All they cared about was who should be a Minister for which Ministry. Power seems to be at the centre of everything in the ruling PF government today than developing this country. Bear in mind that this is a country that doesn’t have a qualified Chief Justice neither does it have a people driven constitution, but that is another issue altogether.

The most recent happening in the PF government have revealed much, opened the citizens eyes and also vindicated the opposition. We now know who truly sponsors violence among political parties, we now know how selective the law enforcers are and now how justice is a non starter when a country have selfish criminal masquerading as leaders.

Is it shocking in the sense that the squabbles in PF party could escalate into serious blood shed. This is violence  alleged to be sponsored by Senior Cabinet Ministers, therefore one wonders how they seat down and plan to develop the country.

What foolishness is this! The last time we had a similar situation was in 2001 when Michael Sata then as National Secretary for MMD allegedly  sent out his vicious cadres to axe and beat his own people that opposed third term campaign. Today history has repeated itself, Sata is the president and his cadre ministers are on  each other throats yet he is silent.

On another hand it’s very important to treat things as they are and call a spade by its rightful name, the succession battles in PF are infact  tribal battles, between Bembas who feel the PF party is their gods given things (not God of heaven) and non bembas who don’t trust the friends.

Whatever the case on nature of the squabbles, the fact remains PF has embarked on an irreversible journey to self-destruction. They surely don’t need any help from anyone. Unfortunately tribal wars do not end without death, dust will only settle when others begin to die mysteriously.

Its Sad! They have allowed their selfishness to ride on most important things, they can no longer have a clear vision for eradicating poverty in the country. One other most annoying thing is that these cadres are allowed to demonstrate, fight in the streets and break public property while the public order Act proponents  Edgar Lungu and the police under Stella Libongani uselessly are quite.

These are the cadres that beat up worshipers in Matero, these are the same cadres that have been causing violence each time opposition party gather, Just who is in control of PF party? Imagine this is the Party that almost made successful pact with UPND? What would have been the case? Hakainde Hichilema and UPND did well to break away from them.

Finally, these infightings will still affect a lot of poor people in the country. I call upon President Sata to show leadership and for once let’s see that he is the President. We cannot have a situation that is prevailing in the country and there’s no voice from the president apart from drama each time he appears on camera.

Zambians are judging the PF leadership and the earlier President Sata acts the better.

Until next time, may God bless Zambia.

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