Talking Politics: Truth have caught up with PF and Sata’s lies


Lwanzi Milimo

Lwanzi Milimo

By Lwanzi Milimo

I once said PF is here to make history, I equally said that this is to keep diary because these are very interesting times.

Truth is so sweet and I cant imagine anything sweeter than truth. It can never be supressed, changed or cease to exist and will always catch up with your lies. PF and Sata came into power perceived as redeemers and saviors, with over welming support.

Zambians had much faith in Sata who unfortunately was telling them lies because he doesn’t have a strategic plan to redeem this country from poverty neither does he understand what it means to run government affairs. Running government is far from running ones own family.

And those that wish to rule must have adequate information before coming into power. Its not about speaking what people wish and want to hear, its about

having required information and right skills to rule. For instance standing on a podium and tell people that this country is wallowing in  poverty is very true but its not true that who ever says those words has skills to reduce or end poverty in the country.

Sata is very shocked that his Party has failed the Zambian people terribly within a space of two years. And its almost too late to come back to drawing board and see where they went wrong. We told him day and night, that his leadership style will fail him. Sata and PF made some historical and unbearable mistakes chief among which are

1. Socialistic leadership style which is inseparable with dictatorship: we said it before that such leadership style can only succeed with people who truly love their country with a passion and not selfish and greed people who daily tell you that “Te ndalama shaba noko” it not your mothers mother. Democracy that this country and its people choose for themselves have under Sata a different meaning from its meaning under the MMD of Chiluba, Mwanawasa and Banda.

We have seen how opposition leaders can not even walk to a shopping mall before they face arrest, yet cadres of the ruling PF have continued carrying out unlawful protests in all 10 provinces. Is this the democracy we know?

2. PF is not consistent with their own words: one wonders what is really happening to Sata and the PF, How come almost everything they said were lies! – they said within 90 days will give you the Information Bill, and what we get to see to day is arresting of independent journalists. -They said they will give Zambians a new constitution and what we see is a direct abrogation of the current constitution and severe efforts to manipulate the draft to suit their selfish agenda.

Sata and PF said why should PANADO not be found in our hospitals? Today we have more drug shortages every day and we are sure that as days go by, the situation get worse.

These and many more are indicators that PF and Sata have failed.

3. One of the chief mistakes of Sata and PF is their open and shameless tribalism and nepotism. Even a grade two who ready through this bloated government will tell you that Sata is very tribal and nepotistic. On this issue too much has already been said about Sata. Zambia has 72 tribes that have been living together for a long time without a sense that one tribe is better than the other.

It will take God’s intervention that Zambia can be united back to one family. Its no wonder Vice president Guy Scott and PF General Secretary Wynter Kabimba have confirmed that the squabbles in PF are as result of tribalism.

I feel these are some lies which have caught up with Sata and PF.

Zambians have lost confidence in the them and the earlier they give up on power the better.

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