Talking Politics: Things fall apart, the Donchi kubeba way

LwanziBy Lwanzi Milimo

How foolish really it is now to realise that we entrusted our country into wrong hands, the most incompetent individuals. These crop of leaders are not just incompetent but also arrogant and lack wisdom.

Its highly unacceptable to be taken aback to ancient days of try and error, its more like we have just acquired our independence without any such needed experience to govern and run our affairs well.

Plain truth about these people was given to all of us Zambians, we chose to be deceived. How painful indeed, when PF and its officials were asked on how they will deliver and run this country, they chose to shun away from such provision on national Television and responded “Don’t Tell Them.”. See now what is happening in our country, in just one week it has become a hive of activities under the PF:
# From a racist reckless vice president to hiking Fuel prices and eventually high cost of living.
#From striking Luanshya miners to closure of Ndola Lime.
#From Bus drivers against Govternment’s inconsistency to UNZA Students riot.

All this mediocrity is happening in less than two years of Patriotic Front government. This is what happens when you borrow the name from of a party in the neighboring country which you don’t know the inspiration behind it and when you win an election, you give power to a media thinking the media is a king maker.

I wonder what is patriotic about Budgeting for by elections and not strategising for food security in the country. How can a government with right thinking mind choose to punish its citizens through spending billions of kwachas on by elections aimed at destroying democracy in a bid to bring one party state. And such dishonorable ministers like Chishimba Kambwili are even proved to say we budgeted for by elections. How if I may ask?

Patriotic Front, what is patriotic about? When you mess up with international relations. From the head of state to his ministers. And the consequences are significant, the country is facing isolation. Look, Nigeria has pulled out to supporting Zambia for UNCTAD Top job’s candidate Felix Mutati.

Secondly, PF has been sidelining the Nigeria legitimate businesses in Zambia, ECO Bank, UBA bank and so on and so forth, because they supported a business transaction of the former first lady’s building which she bought legitimately.

Now the South African government has threaten to withdraw its support too.

PF and Sata you have fallen from glory just like lucifer fell from heaven, no wonder why the bible says pride goes before a fall. You are deceivers and arrogant individuals without shame. And the only remedy is your repentance. Stop the by-elections, come out in open and apologise for your sins to the people who put you in government.

And to the opposition this is not time to throw tantrums at each other, its time to unite against the enemy of democracy, the true enemy of the independence our fathers fought for. Patriotic Front is the enemy of the people of Zambia.

Till next week God bless you all!!