Talking Politics: Sata the Messiah has forgotten

Lwanzi Milimo

Lwanzi Milimo

By Lwanzi Milimo 

Michael Sata during his 10 years in opposition portrayed himself as a messiah for the majority poor Zambians who live on less than one US dollar per day. He went all over preaching injustices, abuses by the MMD and promised economic liberation.

He told Zambians that those in power were just there enriching themselves and have forgotten them. Sata said coming from a humble or poor background he knows and understands the sufferings of the majority Zambians.

The PF leader promised to bring dignity to the majority poor Zambia through his pro-poor government once voted in power. He promised to fight corruption, lower taxes, create more jobs and put more money in poor people’s pockets. He promised to bring the change within the first 90 days of being in office. Zambians saw a messiah in Sata.

Two years after being put in the driving seat, Is Sata still the messiah that he claimed to be? The answer is NO. At least all his critics are vindicated. Sata is not a messiah for Zambia.  If there is still someone out there who still believes Sata is a messiah reflect into his two year reign so far.

It is shocking that Sata has already forgotten what he stood for when he was seeking for mandate to lead this country. What is more surprising is that within two years he has managed to do exact opposite of all he said and promised to either do or not do.

What warrants such kind of dishonesty? President Sata is on record condemning Rupiah Banda for increasing his salary by 35%, yet within two years of office he (Sata) has increased his salary three times with over 100% at his first increment yet in 2008 while in the opposition, President Sata attacked former president Rupiah Banda over the salaries saying the then president was being selfish.

Is it that Sata easily forgets? Today he say this one thing and tomorrow he says another, for instance he appointed Robert Chikwelete in public and a few days he disowned him publicly. Mr. President Sir!

Back to his pay hike, this level of selfishness and greediness exhibited by Sata has shocked many citizens and other concerned countries like Zimbabwe and Botswana considering the fact that Council workers, midwives, Nurses and pharmacists went on strike across the nation demanding for increased salaries but PF government did not do anything about it, as I write this article all hospitals in the country are under funded, in plain words there are no drugs, call Livingstone General hospital management and see if they will not confirm this.

Meanwhile his best president and mentor Robert Mugabe gets very little salary compared to him (Sata). As an opposition leader, Mr. Sata deceived Zambians that he was not preoccupied with wealth as his coming to power was for the poor, to make sure the people had food on the table, Zambians had jobs. Today he is nailing the poor people who voted for him by removing subsidy on fuel and mealie meal. It is alleged that the savings are going towards financing by-elections and increasing his pay.

One most perplexing thing is that Zambia is right now surviving on borrowed finances because the treasury is empty as a result of induced by-elections and these capital projects. Besides its at the expense of majority poor Zambians, rural farmers, civil servants and other Zambians who were recently robbed of their subsidies.

How can a President and his Cabinet continue borrowing funds to pay civil servants and at the same time increase their salaries? I have never thought of such incompetence in my whole life, at least not now when the country is surviving on borrowed funds.

We have said it time again that PF is a very destructive party and by the time these people will leave government they will have brought the status of this country to its knees. And here is just one proof, within Two years someone increases his pay three times.

I’m making an appeal to opposition Members of Parliament to please reject this day light robbery. The cost of living is already too high, and the people in power have demonstrated already how little they care about a common poor Zambian out there.

All the hopes of the silent majority are on you. Please don’t disappoint us. For sure even God will reward you for rejecting a satanic salary increment.

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