Talking Politics: Resign And Live Mr. President


Lwanzi Milimo

Lwanzi Milimo

By Lwanzi Milimo

How on earth did we Zambians find ourselves in this political situation?
Zambians are unique in the sense that they seem to forget easily as Levy Mwanawasa once put it, yet they can’t be fooled.

Right now we all appreciate the fact that the Patriotic Front (PF) has lamentably failed to deliver on its promises, neither is there a sign that they will ever wake up to the reality of the fact that they have no strategic plan for ending poverty.

We equally know what they are good at. Even a primary school pupil who is not a voter knows that they are corrupt liars. Where is the Freedom of Information Bill! Where is the Constitution to mention just a few?

We also know that Michael Sata and his PF minions including the clique that is holding him hostage lack appreciation of society’s complexity. This is why they are trying by all means to destroy the opposition

The PF’s succession gimmicks are now playing out.
The president may be alive but he is sick and it is evident that both physically and mentally his health is deteriorating fast. But the functions of the office cannot be discharged by a patient.

This isn’t speaking ill of the president. We all love Michael Sata and he is a unique individual despite his mistake of handing over power to a Newspaper.
But it is suicide for President Sata to continually pretend that all is well with his health.

Why can’t he learn from fellow socialists like Fidel Castro who gave up power to his healthy brother Raul?  His condition would have most probably likely deteriorated by now had he not done that.

The late Ghanaian President John Atta Mills maintained that he was healthy and died shortly thereafter!

The president should accept that he is sick and resign now so that he can remain alive. He should not listen to the clique that is holding him hostage. The clique doesn’t care for him that is why they hold him hostage. They are his enemies. Its only enemies that can hold one hostage.

The biggest puzzle that Fred Mmembe and his clique have failed to resolve is who should be president in case Mr.Sata resigned or the worse came to the worst.

We have seen two serious camps that have been fighting each other for some time now. We have also seen Given Lubinda silenced and sacked from the cabinet. We have equally seen how The Post Newspaper is testing the popularity of other potential replacements.

We can comfortably say that the Defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba is highly interested and he is very popular within the ranks of the PF. He also has financial muscle. But GBM is not the type of person one can trust with the presidency.

The man was dubiously cleared of corruption. He has also proved that he loves money more than the lives of common Zambians.  GBM for instance still exports mealie-meal to the Congo and other countries even when his constituency has a serious shortage of the commodity. Is this the person we can entrust with the presidency?

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, another aspirant is much promoted and exposed by Fred Mmembe’s newspaper that has become known as the PF vuvuzela or dogma. He has also given himself International exposure.  We have seen him use his arrogance to intimidate all possible and potential contenders.

However Kabimba is not a presidential material. He does not have the qualities of a leader but of a serious dictator. He is very adamant and arrogant and has been dubiously cleared of corruption by State House.

He is one of the bad seeds in PF that Fred Mmembe uses to hold the president hostage. He has no heart for the people. He sent bulldozers to fill-up 20 bore holes he had dug in his home area when people didn’t vote for PF. Is this the man who can lead us?

Alexander Chikwanda, now called Alex by Mmembe has proved to be sober and at one time he was reported to have almost resigned when he noticed that PF was not focused on delivering on the campaign promises.

He is considered capable and the clique’s last resort in case their first choice is rejected. The Post Newspaper is beginning to promote him by reporting everything he does no matter how insignificant!
But he is an old man and his health can fail. No matter how good he is, he is a tired horse why can’t such folks rest?

But above all the president needs to resign and PF should sort out this puzzle. Zambians want a president capable of giving policy direction and not one who hides behind cameras. Quoting his own words: “The president’s health is a public matter” and this is why we insist that he must resign and the PF should identify the successor. Shallom.