Talking Politics: Reflect on your mistakes in the last 2 years, President Sata and PF

Lwanzi Milimo

Lwanzi Milimo

By Lwanzi Milimo

Some eight days ago, I decided for unknown reason to read a scripture before I rushed to read news on my favourite websites, Zambian Eye and Zambian Watchdog.

I can confess the Bible has numerous lessons that every one can learn from and become a citizen and a leader of a nation. I drew many lessons in line with Michael Sata’s Presidency, his rule in two years and his mistakes.

Here are some of his grave mistakes.

To think that when you assume power you have all that it takes to be a Mugabe or Fidel Castro. Believing you are untouchable, allowing your pride to ride above everything you planned and did, forgetting that pride goes before a fall.

You forgot that you were given responsibility over God’s people. Zambia is not for opposition parties, but humans that God allowed you to rule over. In your fallible human wisdom you chose for yourself selfish advisors that advised you only on what you wanted to hear.

Even in the Bible God would allow certain of the leaders he wanted to destroy to believe a lie amongst such is Pharaoh King of Egypt who perished in water. God would also disown some leaders that were too arrogant and adamant, those that were too intoxicated with power and He gave it to the humble, Saul the king of Israel is one example who lost the Kingship to a young man David.

The Advisors that President Sata chose for himself from the beginning, have misled him on numerous things. They did not see it important that he should unite the country and treat every Zambian as one equal in the eyes of God.

But he came into power and immediately displayed a divisive spirit of Saddam Hussein who killed the other tribe in his own country. A spirit like that of Adolf Hitler of Germany and indeed the spirit of Mao Zadong of China.

The results of wrong advisors is not only impacting the common man, but even your own party is now in irreparable division. It lies in ruin as I write now. He did not pay attention when people told him that Tribalism and Nepotism are deadly diseases and no one should trade on these two.

Scholars and Analysts will forever pontificate on the causes of the rise of nepotism and tribalism, more so the rearing of its ugly head on this poor country of ours. Actually PF leadership wake up ,and say to themselves, oh what a beautiful day today, but a very busy one.

We have amputated Chirundu and Itezhi tezhi from Southern province because of their economic powers. We have to nullify the chipata seat, we have three more defectors from opposition parties. This has destroyed your reputation.

Out of selfishness to want to rule forever or till death, you started inducing by-elections at the expense of eradicating poverty and illiteracy in the country. You increased the number of cadres masquerading as Deputy Ministers and Permanent Secretaries.

This is proof enough that there is simply No way God can give wisdom to a person who chooses to allow pride to over ride his conscience. This is pride that made king Nebuchadinezar king of Babylon to be sent to eat grass for seven years in the bush.

Yes this is what happens when one thinks leadership starts and end with himself. He turned himself into a Dictator at a time when Zambia’s democracy was maturing, and when the world is doing away with Dictators.

I wonder how certain you are or were of success in the route you have taken. Its probably a fact that reality is hidden to people or leaders who choose to be controlled by pride.

Like Balaam (Numbers 22) in the Bible, the Donkey saw an angel standing ready to slice or cut the head of the rider, yet the rider could not see because of his greediness and to save him, the donkey ran into the bush but because of severe beating the donkey dropped to the ground and here we have an incredible scene where the donkey talks and man responds yet nothing comes into the mind of man.

Very strange that the donkey could speak but very stranger that man could respond to the animal. This is what pride and selfishness can do to human beings, one becomes totally blind to reality.

This is our situation with President Sata and PF leadership. You had favour from God and the mandate to rule over this peaceful and loving country Zambia and the best you could do is to spark tribal hatred, dividing everyone including your own Party.

Finally I believe if president Sata can humble himself, seek for forgiveness from God and the people he can still have favour from the people and as he retires from presidency people would have a soft spot on his children that we know he very much wants to rule this country some day. Just begin to do what is right and see if it won’t work to your own good and that of the people.

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