Talking Politics: PF dictatorship taking Zambia nowhere

LwanziBy Lwanzi Milimo

What the Zambian people are looking for from their political leaders is not sweet words, empty rhetoric but concrete deeds. The Post Newspaper editorial comment, Saturday, 23 January, 2010.

We don’t need to go a thousand years for us to know the road PF has taken in leading this country that it leads to destruction. An honest look at a few examples will help us understand;

  • Germany was in a very terrible economic situation and a very charismatic leader by the name of Adolf Hilter came on political scene. he promised better lives for the people of German and when he came into power within a short time, we see a nationalized, centralized and dictatorial situation in German where millions of people were exterminated. Yet German was still in devastating economic situation.
  • Another example is MAO Zedong of China. He promised better lives and people believed in his rhetoric, they looked at him as a messiah and when he came into, within 5 years 65million people were exterminated.
  • We can look at Bolsheviks in Russian, they talked about peoples revolution, talking about positive change, the fact is over 40 million Russians between 1925 and 1940 died, good Russian citizens, Christians died. This should never happen to Zambia, this is too good a country to be destroyed by a shadow semi literate individual.

I’m aware that An alliance of like minded political group is surely controlling Michael. A series of events have happened in a short period time, and so fast that we wonder what tomorrow has for us, if not surprises. i.e.

From lifting former president Rupiah Banda’s immunity to judicial reforms that are only meant to protect the friends of the president on wasteful projects such as the Judge Chikopa tribunal.

From scrapping off fuel subsidy to removing mealie meal subsidy and increased number of by-elections, to increase further a bloated cabinet.

No wonder why leader of the opposition UPND, Hakainde Hichilema said “This is the problem when you are fond of lies, deception and hatred.”

Sata is not sincere. Lies, deception and hatred is at play here. Read critically what the president recently said in justifying the current situation in the country through his mouth piece instead of calling for a press briefing. Only God knows if its not (Fred) Mm’embe who has written these justifications, knowing to well that few weeks ago The Post Newspaper editor advocated for removal of maize subsidy, read his editorial comment below. I quote his Editorial comment of Monday, May 6, 2013 and this is what he said:

“The money we are wasting on fuel subsidies can be better spent. It is the same argument we hold on the subsidy of maize. We have many other foodstuffs like rice, cassava, sweet potatoes, soy beans, groundnuts, beans, which don’t need much subsidy to increase production for local consumption and export. Maize has not always been our staple food. It is something that was foisted upon us just a few decades ago. It is not an economical crop to rely on. It doesn’t make sense for the government to every year pump in more than US$300 million to subsidise maize production and maize consumption”

Notice in the above that Mm’embe doesn’t know that maize is Zambia’s staple food. And in his quote he rightfully identifies himself with PF when he says “we”. Remember that these are men that advise the President. Can somebody tell me that this is not a lie and deception at the same time.

President Sata himself said and I quote:

“Our appeal to the Zambian people is not give an ear to habitual armchair critics or those practicing ‘megaphone’ politics without immediate or long-term solutions in sight to the numerous challenges facing the country. Those claiming that funds are being channeled to by-elections are only being mischievous because the money for by-elections is budgeted for and government doesn’t need to withdraw money from other key sectors to fund by-elections,” he said.

Why would the President respond to the criticism of current moves in this manner? What is being mischievous to reject unreasonable expenditure on by-elections? I challenge President Sata to:

Tell the nation the source of the budgeted money for by-elections?

Tell the nation how much is budgeted for by-elections, since we have right to know.

In his excellent reasoning (if at all) is it better to exorbitantly spend billions of kwachas on by-elections which benefits only PF as a party and no common man at all.

What is better running a large cabinet with 4 to 5 deputy ministers in one ministry, spending a lot of money in allowances and undeserved salaries for doing nothing, or subsiding fuel or maize key economic commodities to reducing the cost of living for common man.

The President has exhibited a lot of deception from the time he took office. Who does he even refer to as armchair critics? They are the people with proved knowledge and experience in economics, the field in which he may have no idea. Its always imperative to use a horse for a racing and not a donkey. I wish to use Mm’embe’s words to say “a little is all one has’ to realize that Michael Sata and PF is up to no good, is out to destroy our country.

We have been warning the Zambian people that if they are not careful, by the time Sata leaves office, there will be no credible institutions remaining in our country. And the gap between the rich and the poor will widen further as the case is in China today. Late president Levy Mwanawasa developed the country without removing these subsidies, schools were built in his reign and managed to bring the foreign exchange rate lower.

These by-elections, I have said it over and over that PF and SATA is upto something destructive to the nation. Its very clear that Sata wants to assume hegemony over everything that is a source of power, politically or otherwise, in this country. And this is demonstrated by his desire to cause 30 by elections which he claims are budgeted for.

Sata wants to change the Constitution and I would not be surprised if after acquiring the majority of Members of Parliament in the House, he may demand for any thing stupid such as pushing elections dates and period or whatever. Sata is trying desperately hard to come up with laws, to change laws to legalise his control of all the key institutions, state and civil, of our nation.

Its only God who knows how we shall be saved from these destructive maneuvers aimed at destroying our hard earned democracy we got in 1991.

Finally, we Zambians have a responsibility to voice our grievance on this failed dictatorial PF regime. Zambia cannot be democratic if certain sections of society feel their freedom is being stepped upon and their voices not respected. We must stand up and say no to executive arm control of the Judiciary, say no to these uncontrollable and stupid by-elections, and above to the crackdown of opposition in our country.

The right to freedom of expression upholds rights of all to express their views and opinions freely. It is essentially a right which should be promoted to the maximum extent possible given its critical role in democracy and public participation in political life.

Till next week, God bless Zambia!!

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not in anyway reflect the opinion of Zambian Eye but that of the Author.