Talking Politics: Our MPs have failed us, Sata must have gone along time

LwanziBy Lwanzi Milimo

Our parliamentarians are not representing our needs well. Realistically speaking President Michael Sata should have been impeached long time ago.

This man whose first appearance and exercise of power was an unconstitutional act of appointing more MPs than provided for by the law is still proving to be a danger to the national constitution.

From his many actions one wonders whether the man is oblivious to the constitution of the land, whether his educational limitations are at play? Whatever the case, he has advisers, and his claimed political experience should have helped where his education failed him. Besides there are a lot of so called Professors and Doctors in his government. Does it mean the learned are letting us down or maybe we have unscrupulous intellectuals who have nothing to offer apart from benefiting self.

The appointment of Lombe Chibesakunda is another clearly unconstitutional act, its like bad seed yielding bad fruit. No effort is needed to see how compromised our judicial system is with this woman at the helm. Never have I imagined our country could be in this dilemma. One wonders what type of justice she will be dispensing.

Justice Chibesakunda is fully aware that she is occupying that office illegally, and this is what makes sad reading. How free is her conscience? Or does it mean that there is no integrity left in the women once highly regarded as mentors? Chibesakunda is learned, and education that ends on qualifications only without a moral conscience is a menace to society and poses a real threat to the much sought democracy. We might not appreciate the dangers of such actions now but will in future when most Zambians will sober up from the intoxication of excess and corrupt powers.

Just like her appointing authority, Chibesakunda does not love this country. If she did she was going to be honest that she does not qualify for this important office on the basis of age and was going to resign. But since there is apparent selfishness in the whole matter, she has stayed on.

The woman understands and knows very well the illegality of her continued stay. The constitution which she is supposed to uphold is very clear. Being learned she knows without doubt that in accordance with the Zambian constitution, she does not qualify to be in that position and yet she continues clinging on. Where is her integrity and morality if she has any?

I’m making a serious and humble appeal to the few democratic minded zambians, who love this country and know its their God given land, to unite and peacefully protest till this injustice is rectified and reason prevails.

Oppositions leaders are in good position to organise members for this task. How can we allow such unconstitutionality to go unabated. Law Association of Zambia must lead the way here.

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