Talking Politics: Opposition Must Unite At All Cost

Lwanzi Milimo

Lwanzi Milimo

By Lwanzi Milimo

There is always need to reflect on actions that has landed us in this political situation today. It’s true that History repeats itself, how I wish it was good history when it comes to Zambian politics. Power and absolute power corrupts, the mistake of the Choma Declaration that allowed a dictator to ruin both political and economical powers should never be repeated, unfortunate the current party in government, PF is dragging the country to the same errands. This is why Zambia’s First dictator (president) Kenneth Kaunda is quiet happy and silent as the grave even when PF has diverted its objectives from fulfilling their campaign promises to causing uncontrollable and highly costly by elections. Choma Declaration brought about one party state, this came after a long period of frustrating the opposition and later duped to believe that if there was no opposition the country will more in one direction and develop quickly. During the one party state of dictator Kaunda, selfish Kaunda and UNIP kept on deceiving themselves that things were okay and that someday they would improve. UNIP kept on borrowing from the International Community but things could not work a thing we are seeing in PF today i.e. US$750 is already exhausted. Let me speak a bit candid here during the decade of profitable copper production between independence and 1974, the government introduced a number of expensive public services, but it failed to diversify the economy or to set aside capital for hard times, (Just like PF is failing to come up with good food security policy). In 1977 the combination of bad fortune (mainly the fall in copper prices), transportation problems, poor planning, and free spending caught up with Zambia. The situations were becoming very bad economically yet he Kaunda intensified on shutting down any opposed views. Opposing candidates maintained that socialist policies are responsible for Zambia’s economic ills. Both Simon Kapwepwe and Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula recognized that their chances of lobbying party officials into switching allegiance were slim, but it was too late because they were already in one party state though they wanted to test the ‘democracy’ of the one-party system. Campaigning was not allowed, but Kapwepwe held several press conferences criticizing government’s mismanagement of the economy. The greatest mistake of Zambia’s UNIP One Party State was to allow Kaunda and his minions to change the constitution. In fact, UNIP, at its general conference in September 1978, nominated Kaunda for the December 12 election, after amending its constitution to bar the two challengers from seeking the nomination.

These numerous and costly by elections are aimed at destroying opposition in the country and land Zambia into One Party State. I also have strong feeling that the current dictator, Michael Sata want to temper with our constitution. Like the Choma Declaration which was so unfortunate had hidden agenda, today we are facing a repeat of that situation which lead to one party state. I implore the opposition to unite, now is not the time to go solo in these by elections, but to unite and ensure that PF stop this useless one party state campaign. Let’s look at Kenya approach to politics for instance, President elect Uhuru Kenyatta and his vice William Luto are not from one party but a coalition of numbers of parties. This is why they have managed to form government. If PF has to put an end to their one party state campaign opposition should UNITE at all cost.

Notice, PF has put a lot of measures to ensure that they impose themselves on the electorate at all cost through rigging, they have managed to turn the Police Service into a PF Police Force, they have managed to put unqualified and unprofessional Jelitas to not perform their duties in a professional way but to satisfy the appointing finger. Elections officers were changed in Livingstone and other regions where by-elections are looming and their unqualified cadres are in charge. Making it so difficult for opposition to win elections i.e. Livingstone and Mpongwe were clearly won by the opposition, yet PF returned undeserved glory, and today people are breeding hate and anger because unwanted candidate was imposed on them. Can you please unite and strategies on how you shall respond to this evil.I also challenge you to take Wynter Kabimba words serious that playing victim will not win your votes, respond to Judge Ngoma with equal measures, dialog and diplomacy can never work with disgruntled minded people.

It is undoubted that Sata despite many years of being in the corridors of power has opted to focus on primitive way of politics where the focus is not development but stifling any opposition. Does it mean the man has really outlived his political usefulness? It’s so unfortunate that Sata is not showing signs of vision for this country and it’s so historic if not a mystery to see him and PF failing to deliver on the things they preached day and night for 10 years in opposition.

I wish to remind them that change and real change is inevitable, and it’s the only permanent thing on earth. Just like KK was removed, Zambians will quickly remove anybody who imposes himself, a dictator.

Until next week, good bye.