Talking Politics: Its true Zambians are docile

LwanziBy Lwanzi Milimo

It’s strange how the entire nation can be silent when their blood bought democracy and freedoms are being taken away by a semi-literate man who has proved to have no strategic plan to govern or run the country apart from benefiting himself and his family.

His renowned experience in politics has not only failed him but the entire nation at large. What more indications do Zambians want to see beyond the fact that  Zambia’s democracy is slowly depleting  through coerced and induced by-elections.

The PF and Michael Sata have already achieved  60% of their objective on the road to declaring Zambia a one party state. Yet the majority of learned Zambians are silently watching from terraces as a semi literate individual with little or no understanding of the implications and consequences of what he is doing, destroys  multipartism in the country.

One wonders why GOD allowed people like George Kunda to die when we needed him most in times like these. Dr Chiluba is vindicated today, we all know now why he did not support  or appoint Sata to be his successor in 2001, even when he Sata was the last man standing with Chiluba and campaigned for his third term.

In his wisdom or instinct if you wish to call it that way Chiluba understood that the man (Sata) would be a danger to the nation and the liberty it stood for. Today using the same freedoms and democracy, he is destroying democracy, the very means that brought him into power. How shameful and mindboggling!

There are compelling reasons that  president Sata and the PF want to manipulate the constitution – the desire for PF to dominate parliament. Of course this is not meant to deliver development to areas where MPs defect to the ruling party, but to change the constitution, and because the consequences and implications are little understood the country can find itself in dire and irredeemable political and economic problems.

The earlier the  people of Zambia wake up to this reality the better.

We have said it time and again that these induced by-elections are aimed at manipulating Parliament. Once the PF commands the majority in parliament, they will do anything at a whim such as bring in a one party state. One wonders what has gone wrong with men we once thought had integrity like Gabriel Namulambe and other MPs who are defecting to this dictatorial regime.

Where is their conscience, do they care for the future of this nation, why not stop for a while and ask yourself whether this is the right thing to do. What development has Namulambe taken to Mpongwe if not worser than then in MMD. Same thing everywhere the PF have imposed themselves.  We say imposed because the PF have never won a clear by-election apart from one. All the rest are stolen victories against the will of the people.

The fight against one party state and dictatorship is not for the opposition alone but for all citizens. Im also calling on opposition parties to unite for once and fight this enemy of the people as a united front. If opposition can unite it is possible to put an end to this diabolical campaign of one party state and eventually be able to remove the PF government from power come 2016 thus putting the country on the right track of economic prosperity and democracy.

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