Talking Politics: Don’t use Donchi Kubeba on the Constitution

We want a Constitution that will last a test of time.

Lwanzi Milimo

Lwanzi Milimo

By Lwanzi Milimo

If there is anything the Zambian people should unity and have one spirit is on the issue of the constitution, whether one sympathizes with  PF, UPND or MMD to mention just those that matter.

Let’s have the morals to believe that Zambia is above partisan level, let’s have the Zambian people at heart when it comes to such matters. Already we are on unexpected world record of putting a wrong party and  president into power and to be honest with you PF would be classified as a terrorist regime if Zambia was located   in the middle east. One of the ways to correct the current situation as well as the future is through putting a good constitution.

How ever the Zambian community takes matters of the constitution so politically and personal, as long as they are PF they would want a constitution which favours PF. That very few would use their reasoning power to drive home a good constitution that will benefit every Zambian. The direction which PF is taking this country especially on the issue of the constitutions indicates that Zambians have already been robed of the opportunity to put a people driven constitution,  take for instance the issue of changing the report/submission from provincial convention. Who expected the so called Team of Experts would begin to manipulate the submissions?

If we still have people who really think that Michael Sata and his Party are in government for the good of every Zambian, you must forget. Michael Sata and his disciples like  Wynter Kabimba, Fred M’membe and their White stooge Guy Scott the leader of Government business in Parliament are instigators of division and haters of peace who lack etiquettes of good leadership. There are in government for themselves and nothing short of that.

Daniel Munkombwe is on record for saying that he is in government in order to eat. If Sata did not agree with Munkombwe’s ideology of Politics of benefits then Sata would have fired Munkombwe immediately.  Geophrey Bwalya Mwamba commonly referred as GBM once said the same thing. We are seeing these things happening.

Talk of the Zambia Police Service that has been heavily politicized by the party (PF). Zambia police is now not worth calling it Zambia police service but PF Police Force, and if they can do that what more on the issue of the constitution! Why wouldn’t they influence it to have the constitution that favours them.

It is so disheartening to hear that the process has been hijacked by crooked minded people in the name of experts who are aimed at fostering the politicians views in the constitution other than that of the common Zambian. Resources were spent so that the people could speak  their minds during provincial conventions and they did so therefore their views must be respected for it to be considered a people driven constitution.

As for the Cabinet (whose cabinet any way? PF cabinet) they should not be allowed to decide for the people of Zambia but must let the people decide what they want to be in the constitution and they have already done that through provincial conventions. No wonder why Sata is called the King cobra, and his party a donchi kubeba, he is a master at deception.

Let the will of the people be respected for once.

Join me next week, keep eyes open to ensure that your will is reflected in the new constitution.