Taima rejected by PF, tries to rescind his resignation as MP

Taima ,behind, dancing with Masumba and some dancing queen
Former Solwezi East MP Richard Taima has been attempting to rescind his resignation as MP after he was blatantly told by the PF that he would not be adopted.
According to highly placed PF sources, Richard Taima has been told that he will not contest the Solwezi East parliamentary by-election under PF as he is not able to win the seat.
Last year, the High Court nullified his seat before he appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has not passed its ruling but Taima was briefed that he stands no chance. He was duped and made to resign with a view of him contesting on PF when in fact not.
Impeccable sources have confirmed that Taima is in serious panic. After realising that he will not be adopted under PF, he rushed back to Parliament to seek audience with the speaker to inform him that he had rescinded his earlier stance to resign as an MMD MP.