Taima and Chishiba are practicing politics of the belly-MMD youths

Youths from the opposition MMD have charged that former Solwezi East MP Richard Taima and his Kafulafuta counterpart James Chishiba dumped the MMD for their selfish interests.
MMD Die Hard Youth National Coordinator Bowman Lusambo stated that the two former MPs left the MMD because they are practicing politics of the belly.
“All these people resigning from their parties to join the PF are doing so to satisfy their bellies and those of their families,” Mr. Lusambo said.
“The people who are moving from our party are the people who are doing belly politics, it is very sad that they are putting their interest first at the expense of the greater good of their constituents,” he said.
“As for Chishiba, we the youths of MMD labored for this man to be elected in Kafulafuta. I personally worked hard to see to it that he wins Kafulafuta even his wife could bear me witness and this is how he had repaid his people.