Syrian war, the story of two elephants and the grass



By Kelvin Esiasa

The World continues to listen to reports on the Syrian war. Of late the world has been told that USA is about to launch an attack on Syria after the country was accused of using chemical weapon on the Rebels.

The world also listened to reports on how the British Parliamentarians rejected the proposal by Cameron to allow the British Army to join USA on attacking Syria. BBC reported that David Cameron said he would respect the defeat of a government motion by 285-272, ruling out joining US-led strikes.

While France has urged Europe to unite against Syria. France24 reported that French President François Hollande said that he was determined to deliver a tough response to Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons while calling for a “large coalition” including the United States, Europe and Arab states.

Russian and Germany are hesitant about the attack on Syria. Russia has pledged not to support Syria if the reports for chemical weapon are confirmed while Germany would join the attack if the reports were confirmed. But President Putin has affirmed its continued support to Syria even when international Allies attack the country.

There are has been no comments from Africa on how they would want the conflict in Syria resolved. The African continent is quiet, but it’s believed Africa is behind voices that are calling for UN Security council to determine the course of direction. South America which had always being against any USA decision on a foreign country has not issued any statement concerning Syria.

But the pertinent question about Syria war is who is behind the war in Syria. Is it really civil war or it is the war between American allies and Russian allies? A quick guess could be that the Syrian war is a war between USA buddies and Russia cronies. No  doubts that Russian and USA are behind for the misshape in Syria.

The Washington Post has listed four reasons why Russian would not give up Syria and these are;

1. Russia has a naval installation in Syria, which is strategically important and Russia’s last foreign military base outside the former Soviet Union.

2. Russia still has a bit of a Cold War mentality, as well as a touch of national insecurity, which makes it care very much about maintaining one of its last military alliances.

3. Russia also hates the idea of “international intervention” against countries like Syria because it sees this as Cold War-style Western imperialism and ultimately a threat to Russia.

4. Syria buys a lot of Russian military exports, and Russia needs the money. USA has always being against countries that do not favor USA policies and nations that have close ties with Russia.

In the past,  the USA governments have fought wars with countries that they have thought to be a danger to USA national peace. The fights of America have always being a fight for the American citizens and not for the citizen of the affected country.

Many commentators were still anxious to hear from individuals from Libyan about their lifestyle now, and when Gaddafi was in power. Commentators were also anxious to see the change that Obama had suggested during his Presidential Election campaign in 2008.

Obama suggested to Americans and the entire world that when he becomes the USA President he would try by all means to ensure that America focused on internal politics rather than foreign conflicts. He told the Americans to rally behind the slogan ‘the change we need’ in which he argued that American was tired of fighting wars against other sovereign states.

He also promised that he would ensure that all American troops were brought back to American soil. But the world has seen the vice-versa of these sentiments.

The fights in Syria have been aggravated by America and Russia. It’s a well story that Russia and its allies have been supporting the government with weapons and other related support. While USA and its cronies had been supporting the rebels with weapons and any necessary support. Now since the two super power feels their shadow fights were not yielding any fruits they feel now they should take up the battle front.

As some religious circles have pronounced this is the third world war which is about to erupt and nations should now start equipping themselves against this emergency. The war in Syria will not only be for Syrians, but it will be for a war against Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and all those nation that feel  hurt by the Americans.

This will be another longest battle against the American just like the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. In conclusion,  I wish to say that the war in Syria is a war between two elephants and the grass is suffering. If Syria used chemical weapons then Russian and USA integrity’s  should be questioned for being the causal of the suffering of the Syrian people.

Russia and USA were not fighting to benefit the Syrian, but they were fight to enrich the America’s business.

A colleague one time  shared with me that whenever the American economy decline just as it did in 2008-2010  the USA Presidents are mandated to go round the world to look for markets where they could fight wars and every time they fight the war the USA government became richer than they were before the fought the war.

Fellow citizens of the world when two elephant fight its grass that suffers. I rest my case!