Support govt of the day, Sata tells Soldiers

President Sata during the commsioning parade of the Zambia Army's officers Cadets in Kabwe on September 6,2013 -Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA

President Sata during the commissioning parade of the Zambia Army’s officers Cadets in Kabwe on September 6,2013 -Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza

President Michael Sata has commended Zambia Army for maintaining peace and security in the country.

And President Sata has urged the Army to remain none partisan but support the government of the day.

Zambia News and Information Service reports that the Head of State said this in Kabwe Friday, September 6, 2013 when he commissioned 138 Zambia Army officer cadets at Kohima barracks. He said the army has a challenge of ensuring that Zambia is a beacon  of peace in Africa.

The Head of State acknowledged the critical role the army has played in maintaining peace and security that the country is enjoying currently and that their efforts deserve recommendation. He urged the newly commissioned Zambia army officers not to take part in active partisan politics.

President Sata told the officer cadets that their role was to support the Government of the day and to uphold the constitution of the land. He also urged the army command to ensure officers are kept busy by engaging them in productive activities like farming.

And Zambia Army Commander Paul Mihova thanked government for the financial and material support that was availed to the army during the training programme of the officer cadets.

Lietenant Mihova also commended the officer cadets for their commitment, endurance and successful completion of the training. He also acknowledged the efforts Government is making in addressing the accommodation situation for defence personnel in the country.

Lt. Gen Mihova disclosed that the Zambia Army was recently officially handed over  275 housing units in Kabwe and 125 housing units in Mufulira by the Ministry of Defence under phase one of the Sinomach housing unit project.

He said Zambia army is therefore grateful to Government for the gesture as it will greatly improve the living conditions of the officers and soldiers.