Summoning of Rupiah Banda by ACC, breach of the Constitution- Nevers Mumba

Dr Nevers Mumba

Dr Nevers Mumba

MMD president Nevers Mumba has described the summoning of former republican President Rupiah Banda by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) as a breach of the constitution.

The Anti Corruption Commission has summoned Mr. Banda to appear before the Government Joint Investigations team on Thursday, over allegations of corruption and other criminal activities.

Dr. Mumba says if there is anything wrong the former head of state did while in office, constitutional provisions can be used to pursue him.

He states that as the situation stands, Mr. Banda still enjoys his immunity and that his summoning is an illegality that should be stopped.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka this afternoon, Dr. Mumba says it is very clear that the directive is from President Michael Sata, as he had allegedly indicated in Justice Winter Kabimba’s case that the ACC should not summon anyone of high standing without his knowledge.

Dr. Mumba notes that the deliberate disregard for the law and the constitution continues to provide the necessary material for the impeachment of President Sata.

He further adds that it was immoral for government to have released the letter from the ACC to all state media even before Mr. Banda could be served with the letter.

Dr. Mumba notes that such a move only shows that the whole exercise is in bad faith.

And Dr. Mumba has advised ACC Director General Rosewin Wandi to use her professional background to resist political pressure.

He has further advised Ms. Wandi to refer to the constitution for guidance as she pursues the presidential directive to question Mr. Banda.