Stronger tribalists in PF wants me out – Kabimba

PF cadres protesting with a mock coffin writen Wynter

PF cadres protesting with a mock coffin writen Wynter

I have been naive all along in my belief and judgement that all those of us that have been referring to UPND as being a tribal political party were themselves non-believers in tribalism, PF General Secretary Wynter Kabimba told The Post Newspaper.

Commenting on growing protests by PF cadres demanding for his removal as General Secretary, Kabimba said a clique of tribalists in PF wants to hound him out of the party.

Kabimba confessed that he has been naive to think that the PF was not tribal.

“The truth of the matter is that a lot of the people that have been condemning the UPND as being a political party of tribalists are themselves tribalists; maybe even stronger tribalists than UPND members,” he charged.

Kabimba said a clique of “tribal elements” was financing PF cadres to cover up for their tribal agenda. “In order to cover up for that tribal agenda, they have now resorted to hiring innocent youths to propel their political agenda.

That is what is going on. These are the people that went to the people of Zambia in 2010 and 2011, campaigning that we would like to unite the country across ethnic diversity and that people should not vote for the UPND because it was ethnically tribal,” Kabimba said. “The people of Zambia believed us in that message.

After taking power, a clique now has emerged in PF which is more tribal in their thinking, in their action, in their attitude, in their deeds, than the UPND.”

Kabimba said his contribution to the PF was across ethnic diversity.

“You can’t cheat the Zambian people in that way. So, I am becoming the sacrificial lamb of that tribal agenda. Because I didn’t go out to the Zambian people to cheat them, to lie to them that I was participating in the PF on tribal lines,” he said. “I genuinely believed and I still believe today that my service, my contribution to the PF as a political party and to the PFgovernment, is to all Zambians across ethnic diversity.”

Kabimba wondered why a “clique of tribalists” had emerged when the PF did not campaign on tribal lines.

“That was my position then and that is still my position today. I will never lie to the Zambian people the way this clique has lied. I want to make emphasis that those poor youths are being financed by this clique of tribalists that is emerging in the Patriotic Front after assuming power.

And the Zambian people must judge them for what they are. Because this country has remained united, it remained united under UNIP because of ethnic unity,” he said. “That is the message we put to the Zambian people when we were campaigning, that MMD was taking us on the route of having this country divided on ethnic lines and we said as PF that we shall not allow that to happen.”

Kabimba said he would not succumb to the “clique of tribalists” to relinquish his position as PF Secretary General.

“To my surprise, there existed and still exists in our midst a camp of tribal elements that think now that they can use the youths on the streets to achieve their tribal agenda. This is the core of this anarchy being fuelled by these tribal elements. The sooner we get them exposed, the better for the unity of this country. I will not succumb to these tribal elements,” said Kabimba