Storella hails govt’s efforts in improving health sector

US Ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella says the PF government has made

tremendous efforts in improving the health sector. And Ambassador Storella

says the US government will continue to render support to Zambia’s health


Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Ambassador Storella said helping

Zambia develop and improve the health sector would always remain a

priority for the US government.

“The Zambian health sector is doing ambitious things and we have seen

government doing so much to raise the health standards of the Zambian

people,” he said.

“One improvement is that here in Southern Province government will start

scaling up cervical cancer screening; this will save a lot of lives. So we

will begin to work together to construct some cervical cancer screening

wards and expand to other areas. So my impressions are positive though we

still have a long way to go.