Stop it! We will lose the respect for you…Guy Scott warned

Guy Scott

Guy Scott

PF Lusaka District Interim Chairperson Robert Chikwelete has warned Vice President Guy Scott to immediately stop working with some PF members creating Parallel party structures or else they will lose respect for him.Chikwelete warned Dr. Scott who is also the PF Vice president at a press briefing in Lusaka. He was reacting to Dr. Scott’s comments in today’s October 10, 2013 Post edition where he is quotated saying the contest is over because Wynter Kabimba is not expected to be removed as Secretary General of the PF.

Chikwelete has been leading protests demanding for resignation of Kabimba as Secretary General of PF accusing him of creating parallel structures in his bide to position himself as the successor to President Michael Sata.

But Scott is also quoated by The Post Newspaper saying Chikwelete is expected to vacate the PF Lusaka District Offices.

“The President is giving people the chance to comply without noise, too much kafuffle. Chikwelete is expected as far as I am aware to vacate the Lusaka district office. Wynter Kabimba is not expected to be removed. The contest is over. That’s as far as I am aware.

If it does not happen then he President Sata has to take some steps, that is obvious. He is just trying to be gradual. He is giving everyone a chance to keep their pride. My understanding of that statement is very straight forward, it says close down the parallel structures. You don’t have to go on by mentioning small people like Chikwelete by name,” Dr Scott says according to The Post.

Chikwelete was appointed by President Sata and has vowed not to step down while the deposed Lusaka District Chairman Goodson Banda who is from the Kabimba’s camp says he is the legitimate elected Chairperson for Lusaka. He says he will soon be going back to the Offices he was forced out.

It is however not clear whether President Sata has hinted to Dr. Scott that he will ignore the petitions demanding for Kabimba’s resignation. Sata has not been so catigrical on this matter apart from give a general statement calling for an end to squabbles and warning those forming parallel structures.

Meantime the country will remain watching as events unfold as the wrangles are far from ending.