Staying healthy with Amakole

Asunta Simoloka

Asunta Simoloka


By Asunta Simoloka

This is one of my favorite wild fruits, it is known botanically as Azanza garckeana and the common name is jakjak fruit.

In Zambia this nutritious fruit goes by ‘amakole’, ‘manego’, ‘matobo’ or African chewing gum

Jakjak fruit it is a rich source of calcium which is essential for skeletal health and weight control.   Also abundantly present in Jakjak fruit is potassium a nutrient that is vital for fluid balance, nerve impulse function, muscle function and general organ function.

These properties of potassium make Jakajak fruit a potent food for controlling blood pressure.

Another function of potassium is to metabolize amakole2carbohydrates and this means that Jakjak fruit can effectively counter Diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.

African chewing gum also contains adequate amounts of iron which happens to be essential for the production of blood, making this wild fruit ideal for preventing and treating anemia.

Amazingly, African chewing gum is high in Ascorbic acid or vitamin C. Studies have consistently linked diets high in vitamin C to a reduced risk of death by any disease. That’s because vitamin C neutralizes free radicals that contribute to the development and progression of any disease.

This wonder fruit is also a source of appreciable amounts of protein which is used by the body to build new cells. Due to its viscosity, Jakjak fruit is instrumental for controlling blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight gain.

The slimy texture and sweet taste also makes jakjak a powerful prebiotic meaning that this fruit provides a conducive setting for the growth, reproduction, and function of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Like most wild fruits, African chewing gum comes with a high dose of anti oxidants which slow down the process of aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Undoubtedly, food is powerful medicine for just about any disease that exists.  The very foods that are stigmatized as being for the underprivileged are the foods that provide the most potent antidote for Diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, and many more modern diseases that are killing us.