State fails to bring Barotse Treason Detainees to Court

The State has failed to bring the 84 Barotse treason detainees, to the Lusaka Magistrate Court causing court proceedings in the matter involving the 83 Barotse treason accused, including the former Ngambela of Barotseland, Clement W Sinyinda to be deferred to Wednesday, October 30, 2013.

According to some Court Official’s announcement at 10:30 hrs CAT, the Magistrate did not want to proceed without the physical presence of the accused Barotse nationals, who are currently incarcerated at Lusaka’s Mwembeshi maximum prison. Hence the adjournment. The case was scheduled to have come up for mention at 09:00hrs CAT earlier Firday.

Meanwhile, some disappointed sympathizers of the accused interviewed said it had now become clear that the the government of Zambia was deliberately delaying the process to punish further the Barotse nationals who had committed no crime.

“It is our hope that the government of Zambia will be serious instead of adopting delaying tactics, and that case will indeed come for mention on the new set date next week. We, also wish to encourage all Barotse nationals Based in Lusaka and surrounding areas to come and offer support to our heroes representing Barotseland in the Zambian courts next week. The turn out today was moderate and encouraging, but we can do better. These our brothers and sisters need our continued support. Therefore, we have even put together some money to enable those who can travel to Mwembeshi prison to see our people” said one Lozi who went to attend the much anticipated court case.

Another, a relative to one of the detained, said they (family) feared for their relative’s health as he is a patient who was arrested on that fateful day on his way to the clinic for his routine medical appointment.