S/Province wants medical checks for presidential candidates

SOUTHERN Province constitutional convention delegates have resolved to subject presidential election candidates to a medical checkup before nomination.

And the delegates have also resolved that those standing for presidency should possess at least a first degree in any field.

Meanwhile, former Amnesty International Zambia secretary general Zebbies Mumba says Zambians must reject manoeuvres to retain the death penalty in the Constitution because it is barbaric and undermines the value of life.

The Southern Province delegates also resolved to limit the number of terms for parliamentarians to two.

When the debate to amend article 139 on the tenure of office and vacation of member of parliament by introducing a clause to limit the term of office to two terms began, most delegates turned to Kalomo area member of parliament Request Muntanga, forcing him to respond, causing laughter.

“I seek protection Mr Chairman (Solomon Muzyamba).