S/Province plans to circumcise 5000 during school holiday

THE Southern Province circumcision team is targeting to carry out operations on over 5000 young males during the school vacation.

In an interview, Southern Province male circumcision team leader Hatchie Kazhila said circumcising school-going boys during school holiday would help in raising the circumcision statistics without disturbing the boys class attendance.

“There will be a lot of male circumcision exercises this month in all districts of the province and we will also carry out voluntary HIV testing with our partners such as Society for Family Health (SFH) and CIDRZ and the target for the province is 5,000 and above. We want to intensify on male circumcision by taking advantage of the school holidays,” Kazhila said.

He added that the circumcision team would target school-going boys aged between 13 years and above and also educate them on the advantages of the procedure (circumcision).