S/Province maize yields likely to reduce

THE Zambia Meteorological Department says prolonged dry spells, combined with late planting, are likely to reduce maize yields in Southern Province.

According to issue number 13 of the crop-weather bulletin released by Southern Province deputy meteorological officer Munalula Mate, covering the period up to March 20, farmers have been advised to plant winter crops and use irrigation.

“Maize is reported to be in the ripening stages and full ripening stages in most areas. Farmers have started drying maize to produce mealie-meal for consumption in most places,” Mate stated.

The 10-day bulletin reported moderate rainfall at Maamba Collieries of 32 millimetres while Choma Met, Chipepo Met and Itezhi-Tezhi reported 25, 12, and 5 millimetres respectively.

“Livingstone Met had a share of 1mm, the rest had no rainfall.