Spilt milk is of no use: Redirectin​g our attention to our children

By Douglas Chilyabufu
To perpetually complain that old politicians are corrupt, nepotistic and ineffective is really a waste of time. Someone cannot learn to be left-handed at old age.
This is why one of our prominent politicians said, “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks”.
Therefore, its time we turned our attention to our children. Schools are powerful institutions that can turn corruption, nepotism and political immorality into some great good for our beloved nation.
If children can be taught that nepotism, tribalism, plunder of national resources, plagiarism of national constitution, vote rigging e.t.c are terrible evils, we can build an uprightly honest citizenry. It could be a mammoth task, but it is the surest way of redressing the current moral standing of our society.
When children learn certain social values at early stage of their youth, they become inseparable with those values and norms. Learning is a relatively permanent change in a behavioral tendency and it is the result of reinforced practice.
Thus, the national educational system needs to direct its energy towards educating of our children in morally upright civilization.